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xwe color remap codes

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The numbers in the first column are the original palette index. Behind that in square brackets is a number that shows how many times that particular color is used in the image.

The second column is the 'destination' palette index. By default, it's the same as the original, ie. no change.

Let's say you edit the imp image TROOA1. The line 175 [000002] means that color 175 (bright red) is used twice, that's the eyes. If you press enter on this line and enter 231, the second column will show color 231 (which is bright yellow). Click Image|Perform Color Remap and voila, the imp has yellow eyes. The color remap settings stay the same when you click on a new image, so you can go down on a list of sprites and click Image|Perform Color Remap on each to remap them all.

Another tip: Click Image|Edit when you are doing remap. This will display the current palette at the bottom of the image, and if you click a color swatch there, you can quickly find out its code.

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