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zserv.cfg question

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my question is fairly noobish and for that i'm sorry, but i can't figure out how i change the CTF configurations using zdaemon server launcher... well, honestly... i have NO idea how to get about this.

last i ran a CTF map with a server it had friendly fire, unlimited flag points, etc... etc...

of corse i asked around on this but the only response i got was "go to server directory, zserv.cfg, and it should be in a text file", so i disconnected the server and tried to go do what he said but i found no server directory...found the zserv.cfg but couldn't open it... and looked for the text file and somehow changed it to an acrobat file. lol. so obviously i need some help. :(

can somebody please explain to me what i'm doing wrong here?

once again sorry for the noobish question

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