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Bastet Furry

Suggestion needed: Vampire/Werwolf TC -> Which Port?

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I had thought about creating a World of Darkness TC and need some suggestions from the pros.
What port would you suggest when i need to implement a whole character sheet, a deus ex 1 like inventory and adding a lot of diciplines, gifts, spheres and what not... maybee ~150 different "spells" for all that is supernatural and breathes (or not ;) )
I thought about using eternity as a base as it already comes with a conversation routine, but you might have something better in mind. zDooM would be another option but i dont get it how Randys code works.

Any other ideas on how to accomplish this would be welcome, as aid on the topics graphic and level-design ;)

So Long, The Werelion!

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Nmn said:

I say-go with Zdoom.

I looked and as i dont have VC++ i have a problem here.
Tryed to compile it with dev-cpp with the .dev file and got some errors.
Anyone got a clean dev-cpp version?

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VC++'s compiler is free, though, from Microsoft's website (you don't get the IDE though, as far as I have heard).

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