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The Way Doom was mean to be...

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What if the power of Zdoom was available in 1993? How would DooM look? Would it look like it looks now? No.. it would look better.
And we will not recreate the feeling of Doom, but instead, we will make it better.

Knee-Deep in ZdooM!
-9 Maps You know and love and that You will love more than ever!
-new enemies
-new weapons
-1 super secret map
-3d intermission system
-everything You know and love about Doom
-The Real Tribute to Doom Episode 1!!

Coming March 2005

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Stop taunting me! I don't deserve this torture! How much better could a WAD like this possibly get in a month?

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Heh. This thing looks insanely awesomely cool and stuff! This wad is now #1 on m absolutely-must-play list. :P

Hmm... what kind of new weapons are there? Heh. I'll find out soon enough. :P

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