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Anima Zero

Hell On Cheese: UV-Max

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Well, I happened to check this level out today (it's in /newstuff right now, so go grab it if you haven't yet). Not a bad level, though ammo is a bit on the low side early on. Near the end, you'll have some to spare if you do everything correctly.

To show that it is indeed possible to kill everything, I did a UV-Max demo for the level in 4:43. My first exit after 30 or so attempts today. I could have done better with the SSG here (as I miss completely with it twice). Other than that, a pretty good demo. Sending to Ops now.

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Ryback said:

I just love the fact that there's a level called Hell on Cheese.

There's also a nice old map with the filename Cheese. Maikl did a demo on it.

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