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Help w/ map

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Well i tested i again,i only have a few things to recommend to you.
-more ammo.
-more powerups,such as health.
-all weapons,some are missing.
-more enemies like zombies to keep ammo supply going.

And finally detail it really needs it thrust me,if you release it the way as it is now im affraid it won't get i high rating.
I recommend playing some other wads from other authors to give you some ideas.
Is this your first map your going to release,im a bit interested :)

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One thing about the fake exit:

Have the linedefs where the switch that lowers the floor have the "secret" attribute applied to them. By looking on the map, I could easily notice that the exit was fake. You don't want people to notice this.

I also see that you changed the textures of the light pillars in the courtyard. I didn't notice the misalignments as easily as I did when they were METAL1 last time (I really had to look to notice), so that's a plus.

Try and fix this as well:

Nuxius said:

Also, the lowering floor that giant arrow points to has it's walls set to lower unpegged; it shouldn't be. It doesn't look right having the bricks stand still while the wall lowers.

Easy to do: Unpeg and realign manually.

Overall, I have to go with dutch devill about more enemies, ammo (appropriate for the number of enemies), and detail, especially in the room with the fountain. All of that space should be utilized in some form: More pillars, lights, walls, or some other form of obstables.

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fezzador said:
"Isn't there a utility that determines if there is enough ammunition/health for the amount of monsters for a particular level?"


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I did test your other wads also,i testet gothic and facility.
They where pretty good,altough i must say that the music in these wads was kinda annoying to me.
I wanted to play caverns also,but i couldn't unzip this file it might just be my mistake i don't know.
Now i going to play dethcity again,to see if it got better,ill let you know what i think of it this time.

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