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Captain Red

What the heck is "DEHSUPP" and how do you use it?

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it's a zdoom lump with lots of info in it that can't be edited in dehacked like hexen and heretic info... I think it's got a similar format to dehacked, but it needs to be compiled. also randy changes it from time to time, so your old dehsupp may not work with a new version of zdoom, so it's not really practical to use it.

plus with decorate (which will very soon have the abilitiy to make new weapons/items/inventory) it's not really needed

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Well, despite the fact that it's on the verge of redundancy, I’m still curious to see any tools that could be used to edit DEHSUPP. Just to see what can (could) be done.

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You find the raw data and compiler in the ZDoom source distribution. There have been some attempts to add Heretic and Hexen items but be careful: It is official ZDoom policy to treat DEHSUPP as unsupported so any future release might break your stuff - as has been the case with the few WADs that used it with 2.0.63a.

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