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I feel oddly Refreshed... MAP23 will live again.

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Hi remember me? I made that shitty MAP23 that currently lies, incomplete, in the FreeDoom Map WAD. (Wow, this dork did that?)

Anyhow, I"ve since gotten back into Doom Editing... so... I"m going to make a completely new MAP23 to replace that atrocity I submitted earlier. I trust I'm still assigned to MAP23? *hopes* I promise it'll actually be BARREL themed this time, and not that strange underground base level.

Give me a month, and I'll have something nice to give. *starts pencilling on fine graph paper*

P.S., could you please assign E3M6 to me? I loved Mt. Erebus...

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Aye you've still got 23... had it's second year anniversary in november past :P

I've given you E3M6 too but we'd appreciate it if you sorted out map23 first. Sup to you though :)

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well, MAP23 is first priority right now. Don't worry bout that. I"m dropping everything else I was working on and I'm doing that.

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*sigh* Maybe someday I'll pick up where I left off and finish my map, and possibly even make another. As it is, I'm currently suffering a horrible case of mapper's block, and Real Life(tm) has basically drained all my free time (but in a good way).

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