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Hoop-Dee Doop-Dee 3!: I bought Delta Force: Land Warrior. Waste of time?

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I seems that way, since the dang thing doesn't work yet. I'll be loading a mission, and then it stops.
Few questions:
1) If possible, can I correct this problem? (I still need to download an update or two.)

2) Was the game worth buying in the first place?

3) Why did I EVER start #MEGADOOM? I barely go there, none else goes there. *Ugh* The thing just stinks.

Extra info: The comp I installed it on uses a Viper Z200 II graphics card or something like that.

Well, I hope I get ONE STINKIN' REPLY that's actually USEFUL.


And remember: CAKE SUCKS (I don't know why, though.)

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Is the graphics card actually supported? By this I mean go to the Audio/Video options menu. If the driver field for the video card shows the driver file, it is supported. Also, the swap file may not have enough space on the hard drive to decompress. It takes a minimum 150 MB. Another thing, make sure you have no hardware or IRQ conflicts anywhere in your computer. You can also try updating to the latest version online.

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