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Wicked 7 is complete: Screenshots & Download

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    1. Is fully doom2.exe compatible, while including as much detail as the original engine will allow.
    2. Should be fully compatible (tested w/ZDooM and jDooM) with the major ports, including GL ports.
    3. Incorporates three different player "starts" in different locations within the map, allowing the map to be played using at least three path progressions, with many additional path choices along the way. Also features areas that may only be accessed while beginning the level at a particular "start".
    4. Features some fairly intense battles.
    5. Realistic base architecture (is there truly such a thing as "realistic" base-style architecture in DooM?) that gives the player a sense of being in a real place.
Screenshots and information available at DooM Nexus.
Download from here.

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Very nice indeed - and still managing to squeeze into the original engine too. The difficulty setting differences are really well done. The different starts are cool and the other differences throughout the map are also very interesting. A really good way to get a bit of longevity out of the map and give 3 different, interesting, fun playing experiences.

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Just played it, and I have to say it's great. Great progression and gameplay, awe inspiring architecture without being "gluttonous", and I always had enough ammo and health to continue, so it's very well balanced. I'll have to play this thing again to see if I can find anything new!

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