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XWE beta

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I love the beta and I thought I should make a thread about the bugs I have found:

Should the load and Replace (raw data) be disabled in the Entry menu when a wad isn't loaded?

Silly question, but when I uncheck the menu bar in the window menu, I cannot seem to bring it back, is there a hotkey for this?

Offtopic general request: The ROTH sfx files (FXSCRIPT.sfx and one other) cannot be opened in xwe, I opened the file in a hex editor and found a directory structure inside (possibly near the end, iirc), is there any chance of this getting supported in the near future?

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Yes, those two menu items should be disabled. I really should add a dismissable dialog when the menu is taken out.

I remember trying to deal with those SFX files, but eventually skipping support for them, can't remember the reason though. I won't promise adding it but I will look into it.

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