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simply grenade launcher

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is there any wad available for zdoom whith ONLY a grenade launcher, I mean whith no other new weapons apart a grenade launcher?I found grenade 'n stuff ...But there is stuff in the title =) .

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I happen to find that question very strange...

Can't you just extract the grenade launcher from the "grenade launcher and stuff" ? Then you will have your grenade launcher, withOUT stuff...

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Open notepad and copy and paste the following:

Thing 34 (Rocket)

now save the text document as 'grenade.bex', copy it to your Zdoom directory.

now run zdoom with "-deh grenade.bex"

Tada! Now you've made your rocket launcher into a grenade launcher.

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thanks a lot captain red that's awesome
(actually I never thought it will be THAT easy), ellmo: the thing is I don't know anything about dehacked stuffes, so far I read a bunch of cool docs at enjay's place,but I don't understand why there is not already dehacked tutorials like for example the usefull stuffes on zdoom.org section tutorial for building.
I hope wiki will fill this chaos hole.

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