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Foreverhood Community project?

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I have a dilemma. I've been looking for a mapper for quite some time now, but have found nobody who is either willing or skilled enough to produce what it is i need. Unfortunately, i do not have enough time to build this map myself, so i guess its time for a creative solution.

How many people would be interested in building a community basted map for foreverhood? I have this underwater cavern level that i "started" (ie, built a very rough outline for some of the style i envisioned it to be) which would serve as the base. Then, whoever was interested would add a little detail in (like 10 sectors or some minor detailing) and pass it along to the next interested member.

Would anyone be interested in participating in such a process? I want to gage reactions first before i announce anything too official, (like texture handling and what not) but i can tell you that it must be done in a month. The level is a go between for two segments so the playtime should be 4-7 minutes of linear game-play at max.

So, anybody interested?

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