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CD-eating fungus discovered

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...makes plans to take some of this fungus, and drop it into the AOL warehouse...

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Stealthy Ivan said:

Is this an STD? :P

If you have sex with your CDs (the have holes after all), yes!

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If your penis can fit in the hole of a CD, you might as well get an STD and save yourself constant humiliation.

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The Article said:

They add that, fortunately for Europeans, the fungus only survives in the sultry weather conditions that prevail in Belize.

/me checks outside the window and looks at the sleet running down the glass. No worries. :)

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Ultraviolet said:

Where is the funny? This is on Ananova, so I'm assuming it's a joke, but I'm not seeing why it's funny.

No joke, it was published in Nature magazine, but you have to pay to read it, but ....

Xavier Bosch
SUMMARY: Spores bore holes in compact disks, rendering them useless....
CONTEXT: Computers get viruses. Code gets bugs. Now CDs get fungus. Researchers in Spain have discovered a fungus that eats holes in compact discs, corrupting the information stored in them. After visiting Belize in Central America, Victor......
news@nature, (28 Jun 2001) News

seems to have taken a while to reach Ananova :P

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