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Cliff AKA Lizardcommando's RPG Maker 2003 resources!

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Anyone interested in RPG Maker 2003? If so, Click here to check out my own resources!

There's several Facesets, Chara-sets, and some Battlechara-sets. Check them all out. I have several versions of Lizardcommando, one of them sorta parodies MGS1 Snake's Dive Suit. Also there's a torture table, almost like the one from MGS1 :p There's a bunch of mics. Lizards, such as an LSMC-Lizard, Trenchcoat Lizard, Heli-Lizard, random Civilian Lizards and even a Barney Calhoun Lizard version. I even released my Pika-soldiers character set, originally intended for a cancelled Pokestein 3D: The RPG maker game. I have face-sets for all the Lizards. BTW, The battle character sets will NOT work with the default weapons you get in the RTP. They already have their own weapons they can use. What do you think of them?

One minor note though, if you actually intend to use any of these, please ask me first! I put in countless hours making all of these! Thanks!

BTW, was this the right place to post this?

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I drew some RPG Maker sprites once... I think they were for my brother's RPG he was making where you played a series of characters at 3 intervals in their lives. Teenagers, middle adulthood, and late. This was the lead character in late adulthood in his 60s.

I always liked that premise, rather than the stupid predictable Squaresoft games where the ragtag team of 15 year olds defeat Ultimate Eval(tm). God the Final Fantasy games are terrible.

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