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What are the top 10 wads of 2004?

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Hello everyone, i just went through and got every WAD that is listed for the top 100 wads from 93-2003 on this site. Thanks goto Doomworld for doing that, that was awesome!

Anyways, i was wondering if you folks could help me out. I was wondering what you suggest for the top 10 wads of 2004. Not DM wads though, and it don't matter if their source required or vanilla wads.

I appreciate any help, and thank you.

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I'd also like to see the 5 years of doom more accessible too. Finding the 5 or 11 years of doom should all be equally as easy as finding the 10 years.

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Russell_P said:
Maybe a link to it should be placed on the main page. Under the 10 years of Doom link or something.

Ah, yes, along with the ten preceding cacowards.

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