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Doomsday & Blood Effects?

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Hey everyone, i have a real quick question. It may be a little dumb but i figured i'd ask anyway. Is there any way to make blood stains on walls and stuff in Doomsday not fade, like remain there the whole level? Like the blood stains caused from blasting an enemy.

As i said though it's probably a dumb question.

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Technicaly you can make them stay forever but it isn't a good idea as they will severely impact proformance after a while.

The reason is because the blood splats are currently implemented using the particle system. When a particle impacts, it's movement is stopped and it's aligned perpendicular to the surface it hits.

In a future Doomsday a proper decal system will be implemented so that blood and other effects can last forever with hardly any impact on performance.

If you want to increase the time they last anyway, open up the DED that has them and increase the Max age parameter of the various blood generators

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