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Green Gates

New member

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I've been an avid Doom player for years now, and just yesterday as I gunned down the Spider Mastermind (one could exaggerate that I had done so for the millionth time) before completing and quitting the game, I felt something was a little wrong. Getting off of the computer and thinking for a moment, I finally found out the problem: So many years of playing the classic doom series, and yet I wasn't participating in its community. So, I went on google and typed up "Doom Forum". I found this site.

What very much relieves me is the fact that this Doom community is not only dedicated, but it also appears to be quite active. Wolfenstein, Unreal, Marathon and even some UT communities are sucking dust hard (although except for Unreal's multiplayer option I'm not really interested in any of these FPS games), and this place just lives.

So I'm here. Any information on what to be aware of or any such topics would be appreciated. I'm glad to become a part of a community dedicated to one of the most truly spectacular aspects of life of all time. :)

Just one question: What code would I type in to change my font color here?

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Green Gates said:

So, I went on google and typed up "Doom Forum". I found this site.

You must have been digging pretty deep. It wasn't one of the first 40 results.

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Well gates, It's always good to have a fresh face in the forum, and you're more than welcome here. Don't give anyone a hard time, no trolling, no warez links, no useless stupid posts, and no taking ralphis seriously, and you should be JUST FINE. Welcome. I hope you've read the forum FAQ before starting to post.

Have you learned how to edit maps yet? If not: http://www.codeimp.com/ is the site for Doom Builder, a simple to use and effective map editor. Editing your own maps is immensely satisfying, but it does take a while to learn.

Do you use a source port? If not:
http://www.zdoom.org is the home page for the source port ZDoom, a powerful and stable port that allows you to run Doom, Doom2, Heretic, OR Hexen in windows XP, and it also brings limitless potential to the table when it comes to editing.

P.S.: Get RTC-3057. immediately.

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Ah, a newbie to these forums. I am afraid I will have to point you to the FAQ for some forum guidelines.

First off. I know introductory posts are considered the norm on many forums, but here they are frowned upon as they do not really facilitate discussion.

Secondly, as the FAQ would tell you we value content, fast loading speeds (and an uncluttered forum design) over various kind of eye-candy. Therefore you will find that stuff such as coloured text, smileys and sig images are disabled.

Admins can post coloured text, but generally only use this for dire warnings.

Have a nice stay.

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