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Jdoom and Absolution problems

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This problem just sprang up a couple of days ago. These two programs were fine before recently.

When I play regular old Jdoom, it seems fine at first. No problems, but a little bit into my playing, the game will freeze for 10-15 seconds. Then, when it's done being frozen, the game will fast foward to the point I am now. It's like the game still does stuff while it's frozen, it's just when it's done being frozen, it registers all those actions very fast to catch up with me.

When I play the Absolution, the graphics are very screwy. There's a bunch of missing stuff, screwed up textures, and sprites flickering. It's a mess.

What happened to Jdoom?

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Here are some things you can do:

Run Jdoom/Absolution in OpenGL mode (Not direct3d)

Update direct x drivers

switch back to your default drivers that came with your video card software cd and try it out again.

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There's the problem. I've been playing the Absolution in Direct3D, so it's all screwy. It's fixed now. OpenGL worked.

Turning off the environment pack stopped the freezing problem, although now I don't have the models anymore...oh well.

Nevermind, the freezing thing is still there. It just happens less now.

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