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Team Eternity News Update -- 02/12/05

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Here's what's going on with everything:

* The Eternity Engine

There will be another release of the Eternity Engine soon, and it will be the first build of v3.33! The latest developments are noted in my changelog at http://doomworld.com/eternity/engine/ee-changelog2.txt for those interested in technical ramblings. Among the notables are additive translucency and EDF in WAD lumps.

Future developments that I've prioritized are fixing Small's remaining issues so I can finally let people use it, adding scriptable pickup items so you can make your own powerups, and then working on EDF for weapons (which requires the other two features to be fixed first), enabling much more power in editing weapons than what's available in DeHackEd. I'm doing these now primarily to help out Joel Murdoch with his Caverns of Darkness update project.

* Chex Quest III

Chex Quest III, our current mod project, will soon be opened to mappers. The resource wad and data scripts are almost complete, although minor revisions continue on a daily basis (partially due to new features I keep adding to the engine). Anyone will be welcome to contribute, and several people have expressed interest in the past -- I hope that they will all help out :) We are aiming for around 10 maps for this project, which is twice the size of the other Chex Quest games.

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