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Importing a png

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I created a fairly highres png in The Gimp (it was an abstract sky texture), which used a lot of light blue, but when I imported it into my wad (zdoom in hexen format) it was converted to grayscale. I'm using 1.15. I know light blue is interpreted as the alpha layer for XWE but is there any way to fix this? Thanks!

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If you just import the image, XWE will convert it to Doom format, and that requires mapping the colors to the Doom palette. I guess you want to keep the image in PNG format, since ZDooM supports those. Grab the latest beta (find the link a few threads below), that has a new option right below Load called Load as Raw. This will load any file and keep it as is - so there will be no conversion.

I'm also planning on adding a little option which will be turned on by default that will "Always load PNG files as Raw".

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