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I like the concept, especially the da Vinci inspired weapons, I always thought they could be incorporated quite well into a medieval styled shooter.

The models look good so far.

Both for UT2004 and Doom3... but your maps will be Doom3 only I guess?

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Sounds like a lot of work, honestly... Modding for two games at the same time? Mods in general have got the odds stacked against them to begin with... Wonder how much of an effect this will be?

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Yeah, so far I don't plan to have any real involvment with the Unreal part. I don't even have the game. Or any of the unreal games for that matter. (I have played Unreal T through, but that's about it)

The "weapons" as you call them are torture tools that we found from searching the net that Tyrot then made models of. You won't use them personally, they'll be used on you.. (oops said too much?)

But don't worry, the weapons for the player will be of the more fierce kind. :)

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