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Mancubus II


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A new medieval mod entitled Excommunicated has been started by Tyrot, the character modeller for Phobos. The theme appears to be focusing on "witchcraft and hunts, inquisitions and alchemy and an intriguing web of benighted conspiracies spurting from darkest corners of human intellect." There is a twist regarding the development of this mod however:

Excommunicated, however, will confer up a unique approach to modding as we intend to work the mod on both platforms, being ut2004 and doom3 both. Since both engines are the top development engines, and since each's community comprise equally talented designers, artists and coders, we believe our mod would benefit from such direction.

There's already concept pics and some shots of finished models. Go check it out.

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Yeah... I'm sort of not getting the attraction. Real life medieval combat is just damn hard to put into a FPS. I'm skeptic as to how this will come out... but hopeful.

Har har, FP, mounds of trolling, etc.

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It won't be a matter of having 8 different sorts of melee weapon a slingshot and a crossbow. However, I would like to point out that Melee action in Hexen DM is extremely fun. Nothing quite like the feeling of smashing your opponent down with a well placed blow of Timons axe.

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Real-time hand-to-hand combat in a first-person shooter... dare I to even dream that this could be the next Witchaven? :-D

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Ralphis said:

Too bad HL2 is the engine that is played on lolz

Too bad u sux.

The doom3 engine is perfect for a medieval themed mod. Cheers for the effort.

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