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Running levels in -altdeath

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I was wondering about running Community Chest 2 MAP05 in -altdeath, making this a little more possible. I thought about this when I was playing Plut MAP32 and I am wondering if I could do something like this at all.

And another question, I was playing Zdoom a while ago and I was Playing Plutonia MAP32 in -deathmatch a while ago and there were all of the extra co-op monsters in the map. But now I run it with prboom-2.2.6 and when you use -altdeath you only get the standard monsters.

I am asking this because I want to record a demo of Plutonia MAP32 UV with the -altdeath param allowing me to fight with all of the extra co-op monsters. I hope you know what I mean, there are quite a few exra cyberdemons in the map and fighting them would be quite cool in my opinion.

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Well I think there is a simple way to do this which Vincent did for his 30facoop demo. It involves using -nodes 1 or something.

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If you plan to use prboom, then you'll find an answer here. It can get a bit choppy, but it does work. Note that if you do it via batch files, then you'll need to use a separate one for each command line. If you put them in the same batch file, then it will just execute the first, and not get to the second one.

In the same thread, Vince explains what he did to use Doom2.exe in this way. See this post and this one (slightly more detailed).

And good luck!

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the dummies method is to edit the map and change the tags so the desired multiplayer items are in single-player. :)
Kevin Bacon.

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In ZDooM (if I understood your post correctly, you play in ZDooM, right? Else ignore this post) you can use the "-host" command to simulate co/op play while playing alone. You simply "trick" the engine into starting up a co/op session with 1 player. :-)

Type like so:

zdoom -host 1 -iwad plutonia.wad -warp 32 -skill 4

I did this for a MM map 29 demo where I wanted to show two co/op tricks I discovered.


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