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bullets impact sounds?

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It surely has been asked before but, how I can make bullets sound when
they touch a wall? I know it should be using dehacked, but dunno how.
Please help.

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Make one of the frames of the "Bullet Puff" thing go into a Pain state, then change the pain sound of the Bullet Puff thing.

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I tried to do it using dehacked and bex,
with dehacked I gave sound 16 to pain sound of bullet puff thing.
whith bex I used this code in order to give to the Pain state to the 1 st bullet puff frame:

INCLUDE wsnd.deh
FRAME 93 = Pain

...But...Didn't work, someone can highlight me?

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Hmm... You can try doing the same thing, but defining a sound for the Bullet-puff pain by hand through a SNDINFO reference, like so:

Pain Sound = misc/ricochet

If that doesn't work, try looking through the DEHACKED and SNDINFO lumps in RTC-3057, I'm fairly certain they had sounds for the bullets hitting flesh and ricocheting on a wall.

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