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Problem adding new textures

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Yesterday I decided to have a try at Doom editing, so i downloaded Doom Builder and got a good grasp of how to map (i can make doors :D ). Next i decided to try adding some new textures, as Heretic only has about 4 of its own. I opened XWE and messed around for a bit, finally working out how to add new graphics. My PWAD now looked something like this:

 * MapInfo Stuff
 * PLAYPAL - (The Heretic Palette)
 * TEXTURE1 - (with the entries of my two new textures)
 * PNAMES - (with the two images as new patches, i havent used any patchnumbers that heretic has)
 * PANTCARV - (The First new patch)
 * HOLLOWFA - (The Second new patch)
 * P1_END
 * P_END
I can see the new textures and use them in Doom Builder, everything works fine, but when i try to Test (with zDoom) or Export my map, i get a "Very Fatal Error" (zDoom), or a message telling me the Node builder cannot make any structures (or something similar). Maps without my new stuff Test and export fine. WTF is going on? Will i ever be able to make a map which features more textures than Bricks, Mossy bricks and slightly reddish Brick???

My wad can be downloaded here :

Thanks in advance!

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At first, I could not open this wad in my editor, and when I went to examine the problem in XWE, I saw that there was no MAP01 or E1M1 entry. Then I noticed a strange lump that said something along the line of "JOEHERE" so I figured you must have somehow renamed the map lump. After I changed it back to E1M1 (this is heretic), it worked just fine... almost.
All the textures were flashing and going crazy. So I opened it again with XWE and saw you had some extra lumps that were not necessary, like the playpal. texture2 was one of them, so after I removed that, it worked fine.

In summary:
1. Rename your map lump to E1M1
2. Delete the playpal and texture2 lumps

Works fine.

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I got it working, thanks! Only problem was, i had to keep the playpal lump in to keep everything in the right pallette.

Many thanks dude.

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Joe: Open your Heretic IWAD, find the PLAYPAL lump and save it externally as Heretic.act to the PALETTES subdirectory in your XWE directory.

Then open your PWAD, load a blank graphic, goto Image > Select Palette > Heretic (It'll be at the bottom. Now delete the grpahic and load up your patches as normal. Your patches will convert to the Heretic pallete.

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