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BSP and Randomizers

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Does anyone, ANYONE know where I can a BSP blocker for SLIGE? Besides doomworld.com/slige? That site is far too slow and it just gives me a file not found error when I try to download the BSP blocker itself so I can run SLIGE's randomly-generated levels. While I'm here (have to go to work in a little bit), where can one find a good Ultimate Doom/Doom2 randomizer? Thanks.

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BSP can be downloaded from the editors section of doomworld.


Slige is a really stunning application and it is highly adjustable. Of course, those levels slige makes cannot be compared with man-made levels (but I also saw levels made by "wad-designers" that were much more worse than an average slige level). But I also saw many slige levels that were - well - interesting and really surprised me. I would gladly know how such applications work. I can remember the randomizer that came with the CD ("deluxe") version of "Rise of the Triad". That randomizer makes levels better than the original ones :)

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