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Scabbed Angel


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Saw it on Wednesday at a preshowing. It was a lot better than I had expected. my only qualm was that there wasn't enough time in hell. If you saw it, let us know what you thought. Especially if you were a fan of Hellblazer-- I never read the comic so I'm interested in how badly it was butchered.

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I saw it tonight... it was so-so. It wasn't bad or anything, but there was nothing that made it good either. Still, it wasn't a giant crap-fest (and Keanu did alright as well) and it had its moments here and there. Probably worth a matinee ticket or a rental at the very least.

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I thought the movie was awesome. I'm a fan of the Hellblazer comic book and even though the real John Constantine is blonde and British, I think Keanu did an awesome job of acting as John Constantine. Constantine is a pissed off, pessimistic, cynical anti-hero and that is exactly how Keanu played John Constantine. Can't wait till the DVD comes out. Imma buy it for sure.

(some of the story revolved around a story arc, Hellblazer issues #41-46, about his lung cancer.)

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