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OpenGL weirdness

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I'm having some trouble with games that use OpenGL. For me that limits to: UT, Jdoom, and ZdoomGL.

The problem is that whenever I play the game for a while, it will freeze for like 10 seconds and then will come back and I'll be dead or something because stuff still happened in those frozen 10 seconds. I have the latest drivers (71.81) for my GeForce4[Ti 4800] but it still happens. This seems to happen the worse with UT.

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Have you tried use D3D instead of OpenGL? I don't like using it myself, but it would be a handy way to tell if it's OpenGL or something else on your machine.


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Bashe said:

This seems to happen the worse with UT.

I thought UT only supported Direct3D. Though I may be wrong, it's been years since I've played it.

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I am assuming that you do not have acces to d3d and are running *nix?

Wait. No. Nevermind. Just rethought your post :P.

Anyways. If your using windows, go for d3d as much as you can.

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gargoylol said:

UT's d3d sucks.


This rendering driver for UT kicks ass.

I use that already.

Okay, I thought this freezing problem was simply lag, but it happens offline, so I can't say that it's just lag.

Well...I guess I hvae to use D3D... :(

Nevermind, I can't even use D3D! It starts the cityintro with PRECACHING and never loads.

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Try the second-to-latest Detonator/Forceware drivers.

The very latest for me screws up alot of things like making ut2k4 flicker like hell :(

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