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Naked Snake

The belly of the dungeon

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The room was large. Way to big for B.J.'s fancy. The next door. Well, there was another door but it wasnt his choice so fuck it. The creaked open. Another long goddamned hallway. There was a guard at the end, but he didnt see him. Or maybe he thought he was someone else. Well, the guard had a gun, so did B.J. and that guard looked lonely. Maybe he needed a friend, possibly a few hundred, he thought as he raised the gun, aiming for the guard. A steady stream of lead spewed forth, and the guard turned around and LOOKED! What a stupid fuck, B.J. thought, as the guard's chest was pierced by the bullets.
"Sheist!" someone said. It was another damn guard, but this one was hiding. Hmm...he had a chaingun? Damn, must be something important around that corner, B.J. thought as he opened fire on the poor bastard. He fell, no shots from his gun. Good, at least it will be fresh. B.J. ran over, ripping the gun from the corpses hands and peered around the corner. It was just a Hitler poster. God, I fucking hate him, B.J. thought. He approached it, and punched it. The result wasnt what he expected. The wall groaned and creaked back. Cautiosly, B.J. peer around the corner, and looked around the room. It was a treasure trove! And a few fresh guns to boot!


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