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I need to find Doomsday 1.5

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Does anyone have Doomsday 1.5? The new one isn't helping me and my friend out. He has a NAT connection, doesn't seem to be supported by the latest version of Doomsday. (thijs.pronk@gmail.com if you have it).

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Surely you don't mean 1.5, I can't even remember ver 1.5 (a LONG time ago)...

Try SourceForge for all the previous versions:

OTTOMH you might want to try ver 1.7.7 but you'll get a huge amount of lag and other problems as it uses the old client/server networking and packet handling code. I recall the prediction wasn't too hot either.

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Doesn't support NAT routers? What do you mean? Perhaps your problem is that you're not forewarding the port through the router. Check whatever port jDoom uses and go into your router settings and configure it to foreward that port to whichever computer you're using.

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