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Different graphics glitch? Not sure

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I have this problem with doom3 that has kept me from playing it from the start. If I am to move near a door, a random texture will get weird and jagged, like a video tape that is tracking, only much more subtle. I also notice it as I move foward if I look at the ground slightly. I tried to take a screenshot of it and it doesn't show up. I'm not sure if it is because it won't show in a shot, or if it's because the game pauses to take the shot. I don't have any problems with textures on objects that are moving in respect to me - It's just when I'm moving. I don't get it! I have no problems in any of my other games at all.

My specs:
-hercules 3d prophet 9800 pro
-XP 3200+
-abit nf7
-512 megs memory
- cpu and memory are prime95 stable, no problems in any other games.

What I've tried:
-New video card drivers
-Patching doom3
-Entered lots of commands in console I've forgotten
-Every single video option within the game.
-Few things in config file I've also tried that was reccomended for people having problems with video.
-underclocking my video card significantly. It's never been overclocked.

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Dont know what to say, other than that I have never heard of d3 glitching before...

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