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arugh.......graphix prob.

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ok i just reinstalled windows xp (fresh install))have nvidia gf mmx 440 athalon xp 1.8 gig processor. audigy sound card 768 ddr tried different combo with the paging file, ie:c = 1 gig, and d = 2 gigs was the max.(little improvement believe it or not.)i installed d3 and the 1.1 patch. now outta noware the game starts normal then after the splash screen crahses leaving my screen bright as hech with no way out but to reboot. what did i do wrong? it worked perfect before the hdd died, didnt mess with any tweeks either. thanks Dave

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Hmm, did you remember to update your video and sound card drivers after the reinstallation (hey, you never know)?

Also, could you clarify on why it is that you have to reboot? Do you mean that your screen's brightness wont return to normal without rebooting? Or is the whole machine being locked up or something?

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hey im sorry just reading the post and i was so fustrated that i left alot out. yes i got the latest drivers for everything, when i say i need to re boot i mean that the puter will work fine, no hangs but the screen brightness it so that i cant really see desktop icons, window contents ect. thanks. i think im going to low level format the drive and then start from scratch. there are small issues that make me think that maby something went wrong with the install like oi keep getting a error when i start about some program couldnt initalize the server(hey nothing like the the clear and percise microsoft error messages.....lol) but if there is anything anyone can think of before i do this it would be great. Dave

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