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Yeahh, Im making a "mysterious cities of gold" episode for Doom II (stone colussos). I've done the levele allready, took some time /yeah) .. I need to know How to pput this music in? How Do I do? It will be a very, very interesting episode.!


I must know!

Let's cut the crap? I've been working on this shit for 6 years now. It's exactly as MCOG, I just need to fix the music so I can release it, how do I do? Zdoom, fucking?


6 fucking years, please, what do fucking do? I need to put this music in to the game.Itäs a DOOM II conversion (atleast that what is was called back in 98.) Howq? please. I


This I want. Show me. I am Doom.

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Get fucking a WAD fucking editor and put the fucking MP3 in there. Use a MAPINFO lump to let fucking the game know what lump to use... fucking.

6 fucking years, please, what do fucking do?

Unless prevented or interrupted, it makes kiddies. But that only takes 9 months for a woman, you need 6 years for just a WAD file, appearently. ;)

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