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Doom Weapon Pics...Anyone Interested in making them into mods?

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If this is in the context of doom spriteworks or mods and stuff then i don't see why the thread can't go to the doom general forums (or wads and mods. whatever's the best). Just a reminder from the fanfic/pic rules.

However if its spritework for doom or generally part of a wad it can quite easily go into the classic doom forums (whichever one is the most appropiate). The same applies for doom 3 skinning.

I like the chaingun mind you.

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Yes, these will come in quite handy.

I've always found it curious, however, that the Chaingun is actually fed by a clip, yet it's still called a Chaingun.

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I've always found it curious that 'chainguns' are fed by rounds fed into the chamber connected by disentigrating metal links, not chains. Still, nice sprites. The real challenge is creaing in view weapons that sync up graphically and functionally to the weapons you created. Also, having a shotgun with both a pistol grip and a traditional stock is pretty pointless. I'd either remove the pistol grip, or make the stock more like the lower shotgun in this picture.


Anyways, nice work though. I do like the chaingun, that thing looks pretty spiffy.

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