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Anyone know the name of this wad?

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Anyone know the name a certain wad that went by a couple different names. The one I remember was 'Team.wad' but that one is not the correct one on any of the various wad servers(I've tried different variants like Team4 and Teamz, etc). I had a friend that had the map and it was named something totally different, and I lost contact with him over the years. It was a popular one in South Florida around 95/96. The Offspring "Come out and play" was the background song. It was a giant open square arena with a room in the middle and then some rooms going outside the perimeter that had health, ammo, and weapons. I believe it was a 4-player dm map. I figure this is about the best place to ask this question. I've been racking my brain for a while trying to remember the other name. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Have you tried the idGames Archives?

If not, it might be one of

[Edit] hmmm, that direct link didn't work... type "Team" and hit "mong"; it will display all files in the archive with the word 'team' in the name including various files from 1995. [/Edit]

Hope that helps...

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I believe this is the link you wanted to post.

To get an url that you can actually link to, you need to go to the second page of results, and then edit the url by replacing the 2 with a 1.

Or, for a search that only gives one page of results, do a dummy search for something that gives lots of results, and then replace the search field in the url too.

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Thanks, but I already searched it before on that site and a few others. I went ahead and d/led every wad that came up from the 'team' search and also ones that looked possible from a "offpsring" music search, but no luck. None of the 25 or so wads were it. All I can remember is that the level had another name it went by as well, which was named nothing like 'team'. I was hoping someone could remember playing it before and luckin out. BTW, are you the same Molotov from the Blabbermouth site?

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