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KDIZD cancelled because of copyright issues?

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No, it's not from Quake. And these are not laws. The claims and attitudes of companies toward their products do change, though; generally not in rash or extreme ways that may affect them advesely, but they do emit new or altered documents regarding their software if it's necessary under the circumstances. They must have looked well at idgames and noted a lot of artwork was reused without too much abuse, and they must have felt that id'd be wise to clearly allow such activity if it were applied directly to the DOOM games themselves.

Also, you are making your add-on now, so you should indeed pay attention to the current id/Activision views on making add-ons, not old documents or declarations instead. Those old documents might carry their weight and can be considered to a degree, but it's the newer ones that elucidate the current official viewpont more clearly.

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