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The 486 mystery?

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This has to be the strangest mystery of them all. A few weeks a friend got really wasted and went somewhere unknown to us and even him self. He brought back several non related items from his "trip". Among them was a pentium pro mother board, and normal pentium mother board. 12 boxes of condoms, a box of 15 486DX/100 cpu's, as well as other odd object like paperplates, a stuffed panther, 2 playboys, a smelly rag and a bag of shreded meat? Anyway he is not the computer type so i have no idea where he could have scored those old ass parts, they where also new 486 parts and board or they had never been taken out of the box. I have no idea, even while high, how he found and got these parts. Well he wasted not only 2 days of his life but about $100, I claimed the parts free of charge for keeping the secret, and cleaning up the bag of meat they threw around the house

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no i am not dead i still go to doomworld but i dont play doom that much anymore.
dude, go down the road at 100 mph and throw then out the window!!
fucking funny as hell.

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