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Art contest #10 (yay!)

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Yup. I figured its time to do another.

This week's contest: Doom 3 monsters we didnt get to see

In other words, the baron of hell, spectre, pain elemental, arachnotron\mastermind\, baphumet, Romero's head(?), doom 64 monsters, not the wolfenstein\keen, as well as some of those monsters shown in the (artwork for the) E3 trailer 2002, including that birdman.

Whatever you choose its aimed to be what it would look like in the doom 3 universe, though i don't think it'll matter if its a little different or whatever.

Contest ends a week from now, possibly in two weeks to give some of you busy buggers some extra time, but don't get cocky.

And just so we get off to a good start, i figured i should refresh you guys on the contest rules. http://www.doomworld.com/greenpile/artfaq.html

and a few more i'll outline

Whilst we have no beefs against you using a copied and pasted doom\id logo as part of your entry, modified screenies are not acceptable, and we will not enter them in the voting. This contest was meant for artwork that involves a bit more heart and soul into, which sadly doesn't include modifying someone elses work. 3d modelling, drawings, paintings and collages (not screenie montages mind)) are fine. Whilst i'm not dissing the trend, low-res spriteart will not be accepted, simply because, well it's too low-res. Please send your entries at a decent res with preferably decent quality.

Think i'm being mean? Hard cheese, mate. But seriously if you unsure about what media you wish to use for your entry or have general queries about the contest feel free to give me a pm about the subject and i'll say yay or nay. Otherwise, break the rules and i'll break your kneecaps

Get cracking and have fun kids. That's an order.

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Cool, I was just about to ask when we were going to have another contest. I'm in.

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I agree that we should have a contest for the writers as well.

Well, not an extreme redesign, especially the legs could have been more imaginative... Meh.


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Sorry Kristus. Silvy's faq states new works only.

New works only please. No stuff you dug out of a drawer.

Nifty elemental though.

As for the writing\poetry contest, seems reasonable if people want it. Just keep hollowing in my ear (via pm) and i'll start one.

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Well, it's not like I dug it out of a drawer, I did draw it to be made concept for a monster we would actually put in Doom3, only that I did it 3 months prior to the contest. Anyway, it was just a longshot either way. I am to engulfed in homework to be finding time and energy to draw anything atm, so I guess I'm out of the contest. :/

BTW, why have everyone started to use the word "nifty" on these forums all of a sudden?

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Contest will go on for another week. I think i might ditch this system of "one week" extension for later entries, because it doesn't seem to do much. I'll just be a real tight ass next week when we come to it. Or maybe i'll make these contests go on for about a week and a half or something.

Otherwise cheers for the entries so far.

ps: Why did i say nifty? Because i can be a lazy bastard sometimes.

edit: Contest closed

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