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Update (Useless, yes, but felt necessary to post)

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As I have a habit of doing, I spend an overly and unnecessarily long amount of time working on an individual map. However, the yield it has given me so far is more than I thought I was capable of. Map01 of my "Fortress: Eye of Evil" project is nearing completion.

The first map is rather spooky in the darker areas of it, and includes many tricks 'n traps, including sinking fake teleporters, which act as triggers to lower more trap doors full of rooms containing Barons of Hell, Revenants, Spectres, and Demons.

It also has an interesting Sewage Disposal Area, not very exaggerated in terms of detail, but spooky nonetheless, as most of it has a light level of 100, and a lowering slime section that brings you into a small room full of pillars, and imps. It is DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to see them, so I'm thinking of putting a little health down there, but I'm not gonna give the player his eyes back. The darkness adds to the surprise. :D

As before, I strongly suggest running this with ICD-DDF, it adds a lot of fun to it, not to mention the item placement, having the Shotgun Upgrade Kit is what replaces the Large Plasma Cell. Remember, this wad is meant to run WITH EDGE 1.24, not 1.26, as I have a hard time trying to test my progress with 1.26.

If anyone wishes to help out a little, whether it be with design ideas, or whatnot, please contact me through the following. (if possible):

ICQ: 20352913
MSN/Hotmail: Astewart41@hotmail.com
AIM: AJS2254

Any help would greatly be appreciated. :)

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