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Mancubus II

Fangorific Doom News

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Fangoria has put a brief article up discussing Doom 3, more specifically Matthew Costello, the guy who wrote the story for the game. Costello has written for other games before:

Costello is no newcomer to video game scripts, having already penned scenarios for the award-winning, three-million-selling horror title THE SEVENTH GUEST and its sequel THE ELEVENTH HOUR, among many others. However, DOOM 3 marks the first time id Software, which gave birth to the franchise in 1993, went to a professional writer to give one of their games a context and a setting for the action, to make sure the experience would be as terrifying as possible.

A nice little read worth checking out if you have a few minutes.

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Beneath Still Waters was mentioned in the article.
Did this story concept remind you at all of Lovecrafts "The Colour out of Space"?
It seems like BSW could be a direct continuation of this story.

BTW sp and good article.
I was really compelled by Swann as a character. I really felt it when he died. He was my favorite :(

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man that writter should have called me for one of me 1337 scripts

hehe funny you mention hplovecraft the symbols in doom are from his symbol library

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