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Stealthy Ivan

Project666 demo released!!!!!!

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Oh, and one more thing!!! I was wondering if any one could help me do the new graphics for the doom guys face on the stat bar, I'm not too good with faces...
Its a quick job and I would be very thankful for your help (You will also get mentioned in the credits)

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No offence stealthy,but thats one ugly status bar IMO.
And your screens look pretty good nice job,i should change that sky if it was my project.
I don't think it looks good compared to the rest of your wad.
But other than that,it looks good keep it up.

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Yeah, the graphics are not finished yet (thats a rough draft of my stat bar, the numbers and stuff are not complete), thats why its called a demo...
This kind of stuff takes time, which I do not have enough of while working a full time job...

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