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[Model] Crucifier (Revisited)

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Been practicing my modeling skills... THought I'd give this one a try since I'm comming up on the part in my book where it makes it's first appearence...

It uses a side loading clip, gas action and internal recoil compensator...
Most guns made by the clan use a system similar to that of the M-16 family of weapons, the gas is directed into the various parts of the weapon to facilitate functions such as forcing the bolt back or (in the case of the 'vindicator' (Shotgun) making it easier to reload...

Heres the original model...


Heres the new one with accessories... Bipod, suppressor and spare clip.. also pictured is a standard clan Ball round...


C&C is appriciated... I'll be skinning the model later today probably...
All and all with accessories it comes out to about 1600 edges... *dunno how many polys >_>;;*

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mmm... rifle goodness.
Looks like it could be out of hellsing.
Great model and skin.
Is it meant to be in d3? or just a straight model. I would love to start fragging with that thing.

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