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Wow, the Doom 3 community is great!

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I mean alot of games that come out nowadays like 98% of the editing communities for such games ONLY focus on Multiplayer editing. Battlefield is classic for this.

The Doom 3 community is great though. I mean i'm seeing massive amounts of Single Player mods, maps, and even bots being released all the time. I mean i think it's great how the Doom 3 community is fully supporting the Single player aspects of Doom 3 and not JUST the multiplayer.

There still is MP editing, which is fine, but there's more of a balance than other games. I mean i know this is a pretty stupid thing to mention, but i felt that from a dial-up user, and a Single Player only type of person, we really do appreciate all the SP work modders are giving to Doom 3.

Anyone feel the same way about this?

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DoomUK, if you're interested I have a little miniproject going as a remake of Quake1 in DooM3. Check out WIP for Quake-DX.

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Denny said:

and even bots being released all the time.

Ive been looking all over for bots, im pretty sure one might have come out by now, can you provide a link or name or anythign to search for?

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Yeah. Most Id games end up with great support from their communities. Thats why I find it worthwhile to buy pretty much all id games.

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