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Have a blog, lose your job

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Well thats common sense really, its a bit tight but thats the way you've got to be with big business. Rumours and dirty little secrets will affect what your customers think of you and that'll fuck you up.

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1/5/2005 3:50 PM


i got fired form my jobz0r 2day cuz of this livejournal. :((( I am goin 2 cut myself now cuz no1 understands me an i need 2 feel the p8n. lolz :( srsly, i am goin 2 kill myself. u wil all B sry, my x-boss wil B sry, every1. u all sux


Current Mood: Depressed
Listening to: Razed in Black - Oh my Goth

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Wow it's taken blogs to do this? How is it any different from a website? I mean, there have been plenty of websites that talk about the person's personal life, before "blogs" were mainstream. Why is it just starting with the blog fad?

"Blogs are enabling people to have a conversation with a much wider audience," said Kurt Opsahl, a staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a group that monitors Internet use and privacy rights. "They're saying the same things that people would routinely say around the water cooler, only now they're saying them in a forum that can be read by millions of people."

Well I'll be! It's exactly what the world wide web's been doing for the last 15 years (and the internet for the last 20). So what? Did this realization just dawn on them?

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I was reading another story that some Blogger (that is a scum word, people who use it regularly should be sealed in disused coal mines along with fans of 'A Nightmare Before Christmas') was trying to say he was a 'journalist' and so had the right to protect his sources, what a ball of cum, its a diary!, just happens to be one that anyone can read!

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Thanks SomethingAwful!

PERSON USES INTERNET TO DO SOMETHING THE INTERNET WAS CREATED TO DO - Someplace on the Internet: Somebody somewhere used the Internet to accomplish one of the primary goals of the Internet today, to share data with large groups of people. This genius act of uploading data to a location where other people could read it was heralded as a "groundbreaking act of incredible power and limitless freedom" by somebody who works in the cubicle next to us. People around the Internet rejoiced at the news, declaring this creative act as "a new dawn of the Internet."

"I totally can't believe it," admitted one stunned Internet user who uses the Internet on the Internet. "Somebody writing some stuff on the Internet and placing it in a location where other people besides him could view it? That seems magical, almost impossible! What's next, a way to instantly message other Internet users and send them comical smilie faces depicting various emotions?"

The announcement of this web log, or "blog" as the hip and underground culture labeled it, has sparked the interest of users all across the globe. Petr Gregoriv, an Internet user in Moscow, recently held a press conference to declare his intent of beginning his own blog. On the Internet.

"I have dreamed of this day for a long time, ever since I was a child who tried over and over to use the Internet but couldn't because it was 1978 and it hadn't been invented yet," Gregoriv commented to a stunned audience of the press and scientific community. "But today, well the technology here, and there's nothing stopping me from revealing to the entire world what Modest Mouse song I'm listening to and what my current mood is." He then paused and wiped a tear from the corner of his eye. "And my current mood is 'happy'."

Media analysists have predicted nothing but a positive future for the Internet on the heels of this discovery. "A universe of data in a journal format, updated so often that it appears to be live?" Questioned a top scholar of Internet studies at Internet University. "It's such a revolutionary concept! What on Earth would we call it? What name could we possibly use to refer to these journals that are updated live?"

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fodders said:

So what's your opinion of phloggers?

I hope their boss doesn't catch them phlogging the dolphin?

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