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Naked Snake

First Person Shooter Lounge Vol.7

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DOOM:Caleb?Why are you in that bubble!?

Duke:Bubble Boy!

Caleb:Im sick of dying!

DOOM:So any way,whats with the cigar,Duke?

Duke:I got it at E3!I havent smoked it until now.Mmm good!

Caleb:I feel like a butterfly!Whee!

DOOM:Caleb has turned gay on us!

Duke:What to you mean "turned"?

*Corvus walks in*

Corvus:Thoust hath thine hit thees car.I would kill you but BIGBADGANGSTA always does and it is so ammusing.

Caleb:Yeah well bigbadgangsta aint gonna kill me now that I have my bubble.
*Bigbadgangsta comes in,Corvus leaves*
Bigbadgangsta:You shall see.Mwhahahahahahah*hack,cough*.
*Bigbadgangsta leaves,chuckling*
Caleb:I could take him.
*A creaking sound.Caleb's gay bubble collapses and crushes him (oh,and I could kick Caleb's ass anyday)*

DOOM:Well that was an interesting death twist.

Duke:I kinda thought that was gonna happen.

DOOM:I wonder what DOOM would have been like with stripper?

Duke:Yeah,right,strippers in DOOM?I think that would be gay.

DOOM:Well bigbadgangsta told me about someone (reamaining nameless so ill call him Cacodemon L. Eader)said that strippers in DOOM would be cool!

Duke:Well Cacodemon L. Eader is wrong.

PS:Cacodemon Leader never IMed me it was a joke so cacodemon dont get pissed!)

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I'm not pissed, and I'm not going to complain, though Duke Nukem needs to pronounce my name correctly, but other than that, a Kickass story! What kind of death will Caleb have next day?

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