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Writing contests and stuff.

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I've been recently getting loads of requests for contests for fiction poetry, and the answer is NO! HELL NO! NOW FUCK OFF!

Ok for real now. I'm pretty alright about it. If we can have one for pics then why not for fics? It'll be interesting to see what can be done, and as i once heard it, it'll give people who are "graphically inept" a chance to shine. Can't argue with that.

So we sure we want these new contests? (bit rhetorical there...) Don't wanna be forcing you and all.

The other thing would be what sort of things do you want to see within these contests; should it be poetry first or fiction (i suggest we can swap with each contest) etc. Suggestions and views needed in other words.

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Hey man my kind of contest ^^

I think this would be a great idea, fiction prefferably :P but trading off is okay too...

make it happen! please :D

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I think swapping them should be pretty good. I'm not bothered which should come first though.

As for titles is this just for Doom or is it anything?

Just suggestions but for Doom you could have;
-Documentry on your favourite demon,
-The strange noise...(Finish this) - you know, because it's vague and will squeeze out max creativity.
-Personal hell,
-One Last Bullet,
-Equal rights for Imps campaign, (meh,)

Anyways have you got the rules sorted? Will there be a word limit guideline?

Can't wait.

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Cool, I might just enter such contests. I personaly prefer prose over poetry. If I'm forced to do poetry, it will likely be in the form of an Epic. :D

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I think a fan fiction/poetry contest is a good idea and I would definitely be willing to participate. I would prefer fan fiction to poetry, but swapping sounds fair to me as well, or you could run them simultaneously (i.e. you write either a poem or a story for the same theme as your entry). Janderson has some good theme ideas.

There was a fan fiction contest an another MB I belong to, Orochinagi.com, awhile back and it worked out pretty well. There was a 5,000 word limit to each entry if I remember right. The only problem I can forsee with it is that some potential voters won't want to put in the time to do all that reading, particularly if there are a large number of entries (say, 10 entries at 5,000 words, that's 50,000 words, which is quite a lot to digest).

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darknation said:

who is deemed worthy enough to judge these entries?

Doomworlders in the everything else forum (just like with the art contests), although i am kinda pondering on that thought a bit.

There will obviously be set a reasonable maximum word counts for each contest. I'd say its fair to go a little over the max but doubling it will be taking the piss.

When does the first writing contest start? Dunno. Soon. Probably next week.

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Hmm, prose. If I could force forth some ideas, Dante's Inferno would transplant well into Doom. After all, Dr. Sleep did it. Picture Dante following the Doom guy around E1M8, those mountains in the back... inspiration sometimes strikes me. Maybe I'm not as 'writing-blocked' as I thought. Might wanna get in on this. Or, if this idea is a bad one, I might not.

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Janderson said:

Its sure to replace your confidence man, I advise it.

Cool. I'm rereading two translations of the Divine Comedy at once and playing a little Doom for inspiration. If all goes well, I can write up something with a good flow.

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Sorting out the polls for the art contest. Then when that's all done the writing contests will be the big focus from now on.

Tommorow night (my time) i'll start this one, ok?

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