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PrBoom-Plus, ver.

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On 9/4/2019 at 3:27 PM, Shon_RT said:

I have encountered a strange glitch in PrBoom+ where when I watch back demos for some reason all the sound except the game music isn’t played and my controls like pausing the game or stopping the demo are locked and I have to alt F4 to exit or I can click my mouse and that seems to fix the game sounds and demo controls. I haven’t had this problem until recently.

Bern having that "error" for as long as I used prboom. Years. The only guess I have on the spot is hardware.

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2 hours ago, DoctorFrickinRetro said:

prboom video settings seem too bright. How do I fix that?

Hit f11 to cycle through brightness levels. The default is 0 and tends to look the best.

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Gamma correction can only go up in conservative ports, which may be a little outdated with modern screens. This could be a suitable (if clumsy) alternative when level 0 is still too bright.

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Does the chasecam feature when doing demo playback work like a 3rd person camera that follows you around? I tried it out via Numpad 0 but it just "dropped" the camera and didn't follow me around.

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