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PrBoom-Plus, ver.

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17 hours ago, Nobody said:

Two questions:  one, is this topic for those who are using the 2-5-1-4 rather than the latest PrBoomPlus, or is it a relic i·e should I be replying in the PrBoom+ 2.6.2 topic?


This is a relic; you are correct the new thread is the best place to post.



Second question is the question proper.  I'm trying to learn why I'm not seeing a QUITMSG which I added in a BEX.  Does anyone remember there ever being a problem with it?  I didn't see anything in the GitHub repo.  Looking at the source applicable to my version, it looks like it should be in there — and I've tested many times, but never saw it.

I can guess that it is possible nobody else noticed it, seeing as how a new string is added among all the others, but my version also doesn't effectuate the Chex mode as the source says it should be:  So, I'm looking for some pointers while I seek to discover why I'm having these troubles which seem as though nobody else had; does anyone have any input they'd be willing to share?


You can't edit the quit messages. You can, however, change the "(press y to quit)" part at the bottom if you like. Change the string DOSY to achieve this.

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