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First Doom 3 XBox Review!!!

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Even though I don't remember XBox Doom 3 being finished, GamePro has posted their review of the console port.

As you wind your way through the blood-smeared labs of the Mars Research Facility, you are quickly immersed in a terrifying world overrun by murderous jack-in-the-box demons whose springs have been wound by a demented scientist. To get out, you must fight your way through the very bowels of hell itself, facing off against a seemingly endless parade of grotesquely deformed creatures that leap at you from the darkness.

Yeah sounds about right. Although the GamePro page doesn't say, Gamerankings shows that they gave it a 4.5 / 5 rating.

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Though good for a few laughs, the blocky graphics and wonky controls are tough to stomach after experiencing Doom 3s polished performance.

Blasphemy. :/

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Well, besides that you can't look up and down, or jump, nothing that I can think of.

Maybe they used a lousy control scheme or something?

As for the "blocky graphics" comment, what the fuck did they expect? It's not like the game is 11 years old or anything.

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I would hope that the controll scheme is no different than a Standard Halo set up or what ever.

It'll be sad if the homebrew XBOX DOOM ports show up ID with better controlls. :)

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